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A TikTok first agency that champions short form content to tap into the most powerful demographic.

2022 - Now

Website browser on iPad with Antler website open

In partnership with Antler, we developed a website that blends high-quality visuals, bold colors, and a strong brand identity for a compelling and modern user experience. Our focus was on creating an interactive platform that confidently combines aesthetics with functionality. The result is a visually striking website that not only showcases top-notch imagery but also establishes a robust online presence. We are proud of the seamless integration of design elements, delivering a user-friendly and contemporary website that aligns perfectly with our client's goals.

Website browser on iPhone with Antler website open
  • Pink #FF7AC3
  • Dark #000000
  • Charcoal #2B2B2B
  • Slate #7E7E7E
  • Gray #D9D9D9
  • Light #FFFFFF
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