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Life with a puppy can feel overwhelming, exhausting, painful but also wonderful, rewarding and life changing all at once.

2023 - Now

Website browser on Mac with Wonderpups website open

We embarked on a creative journey to transform her brand guidelines into a visually stunning and impactful website. Drawing inspiration from her unique identity, we crafted a bold and vibrant design that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. By infusing the site with a punchy and distinctive aesthetic, we ensured that Hanna's brand stands out in a crowded digital landscape. With the integration of a user-friendly content management system, Hanna now has full control to effortlessly update and maintain her site, keeping it relevant and engaging. Powered by the versatile 11ty framework and expertly hosted on Netlify, the website is a seamless fusion of style and functionality, empowering Hanna to showcase her brand with confidence and leave an indelible mark on her audience.

Website browser on iPhone with Wonderpups website open
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